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Wind Nielsen GmbH

Wind Nielsen GmbH is the leader of repowering in Germany and offers used wind turbines as well as wind turbines spare parts.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers which want to sell or buy wind turbines.

Used Wind turbines and spareparts

Every year we sell more than 100 wind turbines and promote so the repowering of Germans wind farms. Specially in East Europe and Africa there is a high demand for economic wind turbines and we have many clients which want to buy used wind turbines of different sizes and wind turbine spareparts. With our big network of clients worldwide we can offer competitive prices for wind power farms and used wind turbines.

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Wimmersbüller Straße 19

25923 Süderlügum

+49 4663 1898056

Wind Nielsen GmbH

Wimmersbüller Straße 19
25923 Süderlügum
+49 4663 1898056

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