Mechanical Gear Box and Transmission

The wind turbine gearbox is the part of the wind turbine, which converts the low speed ratio of the rotor blades, to the high speed ratio that is needed for the wind turbine generator.

Designing a wind turbine gearbox can be very challenging, because of the environment condition, in which the gearbox is going to operate. There is a lot of important conditions to take into consideration, when designing a wind turbine gearbox.

To avoid the internal gearbox components becoming severely misaligned, which can lead to stress concentration or even failure, it is important to make sure, that either the gearbox is effectively isolated from the drivetrain, or that the gearbox is design to withstand the harsh conditions, such as the power generated by the torque of the rotor, and also the large moments and forces applied to the wind turbine drivetrain, by the turbine rotor.

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